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TextGuard™ TextGuards flagship TextGuard&industry; assistance provides a comprehensive option for the tracking, catch and archiving of SMS communications, Blackberry Messenger and Blackberry pinto-GREEN messages delivered from firm mobile phones. All text messages archived in a format that is easy to get at, letting corporations to fulfill mandates and to ascertain meaningful inner compliance plans regarding mobile devices, collected, and are revealed. TextGuard currently facilitates Blackberry, Windows Mobile and systems that are Android. TextGuard™ features include: Extensive record archiving of Pinto FLAG and BBM messages Encryption Search and collection Policy management Intelligent Storage Manager User friendly Jobs-centered Web user interface Reporting Research Supplied like a SaaS solution TextGuard has strong search, preserving and checking abilities. First and foremost, corporations could set their own computerized flagging of messages for supervisory and compliance review-based upon communication information and/ or senders. The answer additionally offers different web-based configurable policy administration workflow instruments for reviewing and annotating talks. Our sophisticated research capabilities enables fast and efficient retrieval of messages. With all the TextGuard submission supervision system that is mobile, professionals of business IT sections have instant web-based administrative console for mobile devices’ customers which gives a single point-of reporting for each mobile system. This console delivers real-time data visualization and application accounts charts. Additionally, TextGuard facilitates ad hoc reporting supplied on demand, or scheduled to report stocks, or email, ftp.

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TextGuard Features Information Catch and Prompt Archival All portable messaging on company-issued or reimbursed Smartphones (Rim, Windows Mobile and Android), Blackberry PIN-to-PIN, and Rim Messenger messages are aged within an unwriteable, unerasable format, making certain no message tampering is possible; offers access to record copy features (schedule, connections, etc.) to make sure information collection should a mobile unit become sedentary, misplaced or stolen. Communication Security it is consistent with all electronic message compliance rules and Provides The security level that is greatest available to eliminate the chance of the security infringement. Communication Thread Repair Permits people to replicate discussions posts between customers in chronological order (moment and date-stamped). Research Advanced search functions (keyword, expression, day, internal/external, flagged, open, closed, assessed, etc)enables swift and reliable access of messages.Immediately generates audit record files and documents all search/problem task from the administrator.Results may be released to multiple record kinds instantly or schedules.Filter documents on many degrees: internal, external, keyword, flagged, open, closed, etc Check & amp Characteristics Hole phrases or specific keywords to be able to directly check high-risk personnel, create honest walls between sections. Aware of adjustments to amp & a portable date configurations to notify of irregularities of time/timestamp on archived messages. Review Records All archive accessibility is soaked to match also to ensure integrity of info e-discovery legitimate requirements; all records identified and in case of a review or legitimate finding, the manager logs any entry. The discovery supervisor can provide you: An audit trail of any steps taken during an investigation. Free text search for access that is more easy history. Capability to save documents in regards to an investigation.

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Halt report erasure when records were accessedduring a study. Mobile Compliance All mobile messaging done by your workers is 100% safe and assured to stay conformity with SEC guidelines rules. FINRA policies & regulations, Federal Policies of Civil Procedure (for eDiscovery), Sarbanes-Oxley Act. NI 31-103 (Canada), FSA principles & rules (UK), and MiFID (EC). Extensive Reporting Makes automated accounts to detail individual record, unmapped devices or any flagged communications as explained by the corporation coverage; IT administrators can also modify their own reviews — Reporting is guidelines totally customizable and configurable. Message storage Communication preserving may be located with, onsite or offsite ability to generate internet access and mirrored storage for approved workers. System management System is actively administered from level that was archival right down to personal user.

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Use of record records on all degrees of the device for authorized customers. To find out more around business the TextGuard&; preserving option and concept record, just click here to download our Brochure. Deployment Options TextGuard Buyer Release The TextGuard Customer Release service that is standard starts with all the download of the light, consumer software application for the cellular product. It quickly registers the unit on the TextGuard engine server once the application is fitted. Each time an information is directed from (or obtained by) the unit, the customer makes a copy of the communication and delivers the communication towards the TextGuard archiver where it is protected and saved. All text-message types that are current are supported by the program and produces audit record files quickly. To the product, possibly the installation approach can be managed by the IT department while in the client solution, or perhaps the customer application can be pushed with an embedded URL which workers click on to get the application form to workers.

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In this scenario, IT directors are notified as to which may have not and which appspying.com review workers have done the download. IT managers are also warned in the case that workers make an effort to eliminate the app from their unit. TextGuard Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) Version Enterprises that mostly use the Blackberry system due to their employees cell communications and have or control a Blackberry organization machine can take benefit of theTextGuard Rim Enterprise Server edition. Within this remedy, the TextGuard request is installed just once; on the enterprises Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). For archiving all communications are subsequently seized from that point and delivered to TextGuard information archiver. Since no application needs to be installed on the system the BES Edition enables more easy provisioning of customers. Furthermore, the release is -resistant since specialists that are only have usage of the BES. Features of TextGuard BES Model: Built designed for the consumers of Blackberry smartphones as well as the side Blackberry Enterprise Server.

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No software to set up to the product. Simple installation and setup. Software-As-A-Service Product TextGuard is offered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) foundation, meaning that objective-vital information is hosted in TextGuards state-of-the-craft datacenters therefore letting corporations in order to avoid big cash expenditures for infrastructure build-out. The outsourced type delivers relief from an alternative agenda, employment costs (and man hours) and additional big cash expenditure, and provides satisfaction in comprehending that, in the event of the catastrophe, mission-crucial information is likely to be available. Interior IT personnel can refocus on key competencies in place of wasting power and time on archiving-linked issues like host maintenance and application, repository administration. TextGuard support can be obtained 24×7, 365days per year, from your same architects of our exclusive software and providers. Integration into Active Solutions TextGuard can be implemented within nights as a complement or match for your active archiving and submission option. Using its rising and various customer base, TextGuard has incorporated having a variety of leading devices. TextGuard and interior solitary indicator appspying.com/spy-on-text-messages also integrate -on capabilities.

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